EMPHA (an abbreviation for European Manufacturers Paper Honeycomb Association) is the pan-European association for manufacturers of paper honeycomb core products. It was founded in Amsterdam in 2010, and aims to represent the paper honeycomb core industry.

Member benefits
As a network of peers, working in the same industry and focusing on the development of paper honeycomb, members enjoy several benefits:

EMPHA meetings
Annual Industry meetings for all EMPHA members. A chance to experience high level presentations by industry experts as well as a unique opportunity for networking with representatives of all industry players. 

EMPHA secretariat

  • Representing the membership and EMPHA at other industry related events;
  • The staff of EMPHA secretariat to assist members with any queries they may have

EMPHA Technical Seminars
Get the latest on the industry’s technical developments! Seminars developed especially for technical engineers.

EMPHA Committees
Get more out of your EMPHA membership by becoming an active member in one of EMPHA’s committees. A unique opportunity to learn from high-level management cultures across the industry and expand your network with EMPHA members from all over Europe.

Website is a window and a privileged channel of information on the industry. Members also get access to an exclusive member’s only part of the site listing important information, technical publications, and proceedings of events and meetings.

Press releases
Increase your visibility through EMPHA. Members have the possibility to have their press releases placed on the EMPHA website.

EMPHA offers two different membership types:

  • Active membership is open to companies based in Europe that manufacture paper honeycomb core as their main or secondary activity. 
  • Associated membership is open to manufacturers of paper honeycomb core from other continents.

Fee structure

Active membership:
Entrance fee: € 2.500,-
Membership fee for companies based in Europe that manufacture paper honeycomb core as their main or secondary activity: € 3.000,- per calendar year.

Associated Membership:
Entrance fee: € 1.250,-
Membership fee for individual firms and organizations that are suppliers to the paper honeycomb core industry: € 1.500,- per calendar year.

Please complete the application form and submit it to the EMPHA Secretariat: 

You can download the EMPHA Articles of Association from this page.