Transport and logistics

The world of logistics needs solid and stable support material, to optimize their storage and transportation process. Any reduction of additional weight can contribute to better financial and environmental logistics performances. Paper honeycomb has successfully contributed to these challenges in transport and logistics for a long time.

Solutions for transport and logistics include paper honeycomb pallets, rolled-good protectors, product spacers and fillers and corner protectors. They contribute to the process of securing the product, avoid damage in the logistic chain during storage and transportation.

With a superior combination of strength and light weight, honeycomb paper pallets are 60-80% lighter than conventional pallets, saving shipping costs, they can be customized to match the shape of the load, reducing transport costs and maximizing loads.

In addition to the weight advantage, paper honeycomb has several extra benefits

  • they are nail and splinter free
  • they do not require infestation treatment
  • they are hygienically produced to transport food and pharmaceutical products

Rolled goods
A specific requirement in logistics is the protection of so called ‘rolled goods’. Paper honeycomb packaging is ideal for protecting paper rolls, plastic or valuable metals to prevent damage during rail and truck transport. Blocks, wedges and cradles can be customized for different roll diameters and widths to securely and safely protect cylindrical-shaped shipments, protecting the valuable goods within.

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