Industrial parts

When it comes to heavy-duty protection work, it may come as a surprise that a lightweight champion is a winning alternative. Paper honeycomb is lightweight because of its unique beehive structure that creates high level strength, rigidity and shock absorption qualities without the bulk and weight of solid material.

Therefore paper honeycomb is an extremely attractive solution to develop protective packaging for industrial parts and other large volume, heavy-weight parts. The versatility of the material allows to create almost any shape and results in glove-fittingcustomizedsolutions on demand. If the requirements are for external protection the wide choice of solutions ranges from paper pallets to corner-protection, edge protection or full impact protection. If inner protection and interior packaging is needed, the tailored protective solution may be composed from elements like die-crushed layer pads, breakaway blocks, spacers and fillers or dividers and bumpers, to made-to-measure die-cut parts that fit the product completely.

For manufacturers of industrial parts or complete engines transportation with stacked shipping solutions based on paper honeycomb do not only avoid damage. The transportation and packaging solution is also extremely environmental friendly. Paper honeycomb is fully recyclable, in one single waste stream with a minimum environmental footprint.

For specific form challenges, such as the protection and transport packaging of rolled goods, paper honeycomb is a perfect match. For example, when it comes to securing and stacking shipments of nylon, cotton, Kevlar, and a full range of textiles from shipping mills, paper honeycomb manufacturers can deliver the fitting solution for you. Blocks, wedges and cradles can be customized for different roll diameters and widths to securely and safely protect cylindrical-shaped shipments, protecting the valuable goods within. Dividers, stabilizers, buffers, void fillers and load levelers can be customized to meet customer’s specific shipping needs.

We understand that protective packaging is only playing a support role, and the primary product that needs to be protected, stored or transported is the star of the show. However, we pride ourselves in delivering high value in our role as bodyguard of your product. EMPHA members are active throughout Europe, and are happy to collaborate and develop the best protection possible to ensure the safety of your products. You can find the contact details of members in the EMPHA directory.