It never ceases to amaze people how a lightweight and paper-based material, can be so effectively used as core for construction elements. Paper honeycomb core proves again and again to be able to deliver innovative solutions.

Well-known examples of paper honeycomb applications in construction are flat surfaced and molded interior doors, acoustic walls, exhibition panels and other partition solutions. The combined characteristics of light weight, rigidity and high-pressure strength form the basis of its success.

Paper honeycomb core is packed and stored in a compressed state onto pallets. When used during production the paper honeycomb core is expanded to its final form, generally some 10 times larger. The benefits of lower transportation costs and lower storage costs and space requirements are significant.

Closely related to applications in construction, paper honeycomb also has nearly unlimited potential for creative design in furniture and other interior design items, such as chairs, tables or shelfs.

However, for building and construction solutions like doors and walls paper honeycomb is a winning alternative as the high-pressure strength core or filling material. The flexibility when it comes to produce in custom dimensions, the acoustic and thermic isolation performance values and the overall ecological advantages all contribute to the growing popularity of paper honeycomb as a powerful material for a variety of interior construction solutions.

Many EMPHA members have been working in the forefront of development of these solutions and the driving force for new innovations. They are happy to share their many years of experience to deliver either existing solutions or be your development partner for new innovations. As EMPHA members are located across Europe, you can always find a partner near your won offices through the member directory.