The automotive industry and paper honeycomb seem to be made for each other. As the automotive industry is searching for weight reduction for performance improvements and indirect environmental improvement, paper honeycomb proves to be a versatile alternative that also has direct environmental advantages in comparison to fossil-based materials.

Collaboration between paper honeycomb manufacturers and automotive engineers have resulted in solutions where paper honeycomb is the core for automobile parts like car roofs, interior trim parts, spare tire covers and sandwich panels. Paper honeycomb can easily be shaped to requirements, allowing for innovative and multifunctional design ideas.

Additionally, paper honeycomb delivers on strength, versatility, protection and weight minimization when it comes to custom-made packaging designs for the automotive sector. In specific situations like one-way export shipping of valuable parts such as steering elements, brakes, audio and climate components, wheels, gearboxes, etcetera, paper honeycomb packaging does not require export certification that other protective materials may have, making it the hassle-free shipping solution in the international automotive industry.

The paper honeycomb specialists are used to consult their customers in confidential early design stages, adding their knowledge to integrated solutions or developing new applications to cross new design frontiers. Collaborative innovation leads to solutions that fit requirements of car manufacturing application processes and result in long-term commitments and mutual results.

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