The life of any household appliance, travelling from the factory, via various storage facilities, to its final destination is a challenging journey. Packaging designers go to great length to develop protective solutions that ensure the undamaged transportation and storage of the valuable household appliance. The ultimate objectives are to reduce logistic damage risks and to guarantee customer satisfaction for the consumer.

Protective packaging is far more than the material that will be discarded. It’s an integrated part of the customer experience and has a far bigger value than the cost of the protective material involved.

Trends in protective packaging are all focusing on reducing the environmental footprint of protective packaging and improving the experience for the consumer who has to dispose of the packaging material. As a result, we see an increase in paper-based packaging solutions, that offer creative options for marketing purposes, in addition to the good shock resistance and cushioning performances.

Appliance manufacturers shift from fossil-based packaging materials to packaging solutions with a more favorable environmental footprint. Paper honeycomb suppliers have been trusted and innovative partners for the home appliance industry for many years. Paper honeycomb can replace waste streams, turning three waste streams into a single recyclable one, while older packaging solutions often combine different material types which all require separate waste streams. The strength-to-weight ratio of paper honeycomb adds to the maximum reduction of the environmental footprint.

As you can see, paper honeycomb offers a wide range of protective packaging solutions for appliances, for other industries and for logistics and transportation in general. In addition to protective packaging, display packaging solutions with paper honeycomb are equally versatile.

The protective performances of honeycomb packaging to protect the bottom, corners and tops of large appliances and HVAC units are proof of the effectiveness of the material in a heavy-duty environment.

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