Designers of furniture, packaging engineers and product developers are spoiled for choice when it comes to potential applications of paper honeycomb. The combination of light weight, flexibility and form versatility combined with its rigidity, shock absorbance quality and structural strength make it a match for any design or engineering challenge.

The reduced environmental footprint makes it a sustainable alternative raw material to work with. Paper honeycomb, as the name indicates, is completely paper based, allowing for recycling in one single waste stream for packaging solutions. Its light weight minimises transportation impact.

Applications of paper honeycomb can be found it construction and building, in furniture design, in protective packaging for large industrial items or for smaller retail and display purposes, in the automotive industry or in transport and logistics

Paper honeycomb is available in many standardized formats, enabling to develop solutions rapidly, but all EMPHA members are also experienced business partners when it comes to collaboration on new innovations and tailor-made solutions.

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