Voluntary Industry Standards

Voluntary Industry Standards
In the honeycomb core industry as well as in the various fields of users of paper honeycomb core, the need for standards has developed in last decade due to new emerging applications and automation in the usage of paper honeycomb core.

One of the main goals for EMPHA is to establish a voluntary setting of technical standards. It must be understood that this is an initiative that is no further aiming than being an advice.

Coming to these standards is considered as a step by step process with respect to the actual products, measurement methods and procedures as well as the needs at various application areas.

We recognise the following areas:

  1. Raw materials issues;
  2. ISO related issues;
  3. Paper honeycomb core related issues;
  4. Safety;
  5. Sustainability issues.

We recognise the following users of this information:

  1. The producers of paper honeycomb core;
  2. The users of paper honeycomb core;
  3. The organisations that set standards for products using paper honeycomb core.

The final goals are to be seen in:

  1. Advice in the specification structure of the product description documents concerning the raw material and the ISO issues;
  2. Advice concerning the definition of the typical honeycomb core related issues as cell form etc.;
  3. Advice and valuation of measurement methods for typical honeycomb related issues as cell size, cell form, height, compression strength, glue connection etc.;
  4. Advice and valuation of measurement tooling for the above-mentioned honeycomb characteristics;
  5. Advice in relation to valuation of the measurement results and the possible interpretation of these results towards reject and approval;
  6. Advice in relation to the conditions and the time that paper honeycomb can be stocked and kept as well as used;
  7. Advice related to safety instructions and safety publications;
  8. Advice in relation to sustainability.

The members are involved and informed about the progress of the technical task team and agree before the results are published on the website.

Please find the download-links for the EMPHA Voluntary Technical Standards below
(reviewed by the EMPHA Technical Committee in June 2021):

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